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 Love Story Video

Tell the story of how you met in an unforgettable video.

TK Productions will blend still photographs, video clips and one-on-one interviews that recount your first meeting, your courtship, and the details of your marriage proposal. The Love Story Video is a great way for friends and family to get to know your new spouse!

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  Love Story Videos

 Fantasy/Romance Video

Ever wanted to act out a scene from

your favorite movie or TV show?

Now is your chance to put yourself in the spotlight! You and your fiance can reenact a popular movie or TV scene and have it shown at your reception! Just think of adding your names to the list of great on-screen romantic duos: Bogey & Bacall, Lucy & Desi, Superman & Lois?!?  The possibilities are endless! Our staff will work closely with you to help make your fantasy come true!

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Fantasy/Romance Video

Photo Montage

Create a personalized montage of your cherished photographs.

TK Productions will convert your cherished photographs into a memorable photo montage set to music. All photographs will be digitally scanned with basic color correction and set to the music of your choice (limited to available selections -- you may provide your own music if you choose).

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Montage Photos

You pick the occasion and the complexity.

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Retirements -- Specialty Videos are great for any event you wish to commemorate. TK Productions can also arrange to have your video projected onto a large screen during your event. Please refer to our Specialty Videos brochure for pricing and more information.

Love Story.    Fantasy/Romance.     Photo Montage.

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